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Here are some of our past and present experts.



Molly Pittman is a passionate marketer with a commitment to helping others build fulfilling careers. She began her digital marketing journey as an intern at DigitalMarketer in 2012, eventually becoming Vice President before leaving in 2017. Along the way, she achieved significant milestones, including managing over $16 million in profitable ad spend, co-hosting a popular podcast, teaching thousands of business owners, and speaking at major industry events.


Despite her early success, Molly experienced burnout, leading her to two crucial realizations. First, she understood the importance of work-life balance for long-term career success and started prioritizing self-care and personal life. Second, she discovered a desire for her work to have a deeper purpose and meaning. This led her to leave DigitalMarketer after five years to pursue her passion for teaching and helping others grow and make a positive impact in the world.

Molly mahoney

FOunder the prepared performer

Molly Mahoney (known as The Prepared Performer) is a Social Selling Innovator who specializes in creating authentic video content and leveraging organic social, AI, and chat automation marketing to skyrocket client sales.

After creating a video that reached one million people organically, she developed her signature “Go Live And Monetize” method. It combines her social media expertise, talent for scaling one-on-one relationships, and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas. Combining her social media expertise, and twenty years of performance experience on stages from New York to Las Vegas, her most recent viral video hit a reach of 39 million! Molly has been featured by, ManyChat, Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Perry Belcher, Rich Schefren’s Steal our Winners, Inc magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

Her Children’s book Finding My Awesome allows kiddos of all ages to celebrate their unique sense of awesome and live a life of confidence and joy.

When she’s not helping her clients attract a flood of leads, you can find her singing jazz with her bass-playing husband or teaching her kids #stand4joy from their home in California.


FOunder the superpower accelerator

Mike Koenigs is a serial entrepreneur with five successful exits, a 17x bestselling author, and a captivating speaker. He’s the secret weapon of founders looking to create and launch a new business after an exit, build a magnetic personal brand that multiplies the value of everything they do – all in just one week.

Mike is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create high net, low overhead, high impact, and lifestyle-compatible businesses that allow them to fully unleash their unique superpowers. His expertise and success have led him to work with major brands and high-profile clients, including Sony, BMW, 20th Century Fox, Best Buy and 3M.

As a pioneer in teaching Generative AI for Executives, Mike has taken the stage at prestigious events such as Tony Robbins’ gatherings and Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 conferences, EO, YPO, Strategic Coach, Genius Network and Dave Asprey’s Biohacking events, inspiring and educating audiences with his innovative Ai insights and systems.


CEO & FOunder high value exit

Nick Bradley is a seasoned expert in the field of Private Equity Pro turned High Value Exit Mentor with over a decade of experience. He began his journey working hands-on with businesses, scaling them, and navigating the intricacies of selling to sophisticated Private Equity investors. Over his career, he has been instrumental in creating over $5 billion in value through more than 100 acquisitions and 26 successful business sales, giving him a deep understanding of the highs and lows of the business exit landscape.

However, Nick’s passion lies not just in playing the game but in changing it. Realizing that over 70% of businesses listed for sale never find a buyer and many sell for less than their true value, he made a pivotal shift. He transitioned from the Private Equity side to championing the cause of small and medium business owners. His mission is to level the playing field, ensuring business owners don’t fall prey to sophisticated buyers and instead walk away richer than they ever imagined possible.

Nick firmly believes that selling a business shouldn’t be a game of chance. With the right guidance, strategy, and support, business owners can navigate the complexities of this process, scale efficiently, and achieve an exit that accurately reflects their business’s worth.

Through various means such as partnerships, advisory roles, coaching, and live workshop intensives, Nick works closely with his clients. He is committed to defying alarming statistics and helping business owners secure a future that matches their vision. If you’re considering an exit in the next 12-36 months and are ready to unlock your business’s vast potential, Nick Bradley is the expert you need on your team.


co-FOUNDEr mid-day squares

Two things you must know about me:
1. An actuary that turned into the modern day Willy Wonka.
2. It’s simple… My motto is “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

I am the “rainmaker” at Mid-Day Squares and resident Social-Personality. In other words, I build relationships and make noise. We at Mid-Day Squares manufacture Functional Chocolate Bars: Everything a chocolate bar isn’t, everything a protein bar wishes it was.



Lavinia Errico, the visionary founder behind Equinox fitness clubs and the Inside Out Movement, is a nationally acclaimed workplace and wellness entrepreneur and a speaker of essential truths in value-driven entrepreneurship, developing next-generation leadership, the women-led workplace, spiritual entrepreneurship, keeping the soul in success, the habits of success, building your brand, culture shifts, and joy in the hustle. A sought-after board member, consultant, and angel investor in diverse startup companies across a multitude of industries, Errico inspires and transforms individuals and organizations with her unique and often disruptive take on how to create a richer, more authentic, inspiring, and joyful career and life journey.

Ryan Daniel

Ryan is a brilliant entrepreneur who has sold his company for over 8-figures, but more than that he is a devoted father, and wonderful friend. 

Ryan shows entrepreneurs how to scale to 7-figures, and then exit for multi 7- to 8-figures. He has an incubator that teaches you step by step exactly how to do that…and he has the most amazing track record of helping people achieve the life of their dreams.

He is the best-selling author of “12 Months to 1 Million”, Has a YouTube with 108,000 subscribers, and Is the founder of and The CapCon conference. 

Anyone that wants to build brands, and have a big exit, is going to want to drop in with him.

Harry Massey

Founder/CEO of
Energy 4 Life

In 2002, Harry founded Exponential Health Innovations, a research and design company in the field of bioenergetics, the study of detecting and correcting energy in living systems. Within this group, Harry serves as chairman of NES Health where he’s invented clinical technologies for practitioners, and CEO of Energy 4 Life where he’s designed wearable technology to restore people’s energy for life. These endeavors grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome bedridden chronic fatigue syndrome in his youth.

Harry also wrote and directed The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing (, Choice Point: Align Your Purpose, and Supercharged ( to educate and inspire the general public about bioenergetic approaches to health and well-being.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Institute of Muscle Centric Medicine

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a Washington University fellowship-trained physician in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics and is board certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Lyon is the founder of the Institute for Muscle Centric-Medicine™ and services the leaders, innovators, mavericks, and executives in their prospective fields. In addition, Gabrielle works closely with the Special Operations Military and has a private practice that services patients worldwide.



Ellen Long is a seasoned business strategist specializing in exit planning. She understands that one day every business owner will have to exit their business, whether they’re prepared for it or not. Ellen’s mission is to ensure that when that day comes, business owners are not just ready but poised to win.

Ellen’s approach is not just about preparing for an exit—it’s about bulletproofing it. She aims to help business owners exit their businesses on their own terms, secure the highest price possible, and find the ideal buyer.

With her extensive knowledge and experience, Ellen guides business owners through various aspects of exit planning. This includes identifying business levers that can command an outrageous selling price, avoiding missteps to keep businesses on track, setting up businesses and families for success, choosing the right partners for the exit journey, and determining the optimal time and buyer for the business exit.

But Ellen’s expertise extends beyond these big-picture issues. As one client puts it: “What really separates you is the range of issues you can assist a business family with – whether it’s big topics such as guiding business sales, advising through succession planning, building management teams, or amending shareholder agreements… to smaller topics such as reviewing individual family members insurance coverage and cash flow planning, your range is broad and impactful for generations.”

Ellen believes that the best time to plan for your exit was 10 years ago, but the second-best time is now.

Kenneth Yu

Revenue Creator at SpurPress Pte Ltd

Kenneth Yu has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media. A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive.”

-Drayton Bird, CIM’s Top 50 Most Influential Marketer and Founder of Ogilvy Direct

The Accidental Founder of the “Write Your Own Damn Cheque” Movement, Kenneth teaches entrepreneurially-driven financial independence through an interdisciplinary system of persuasion, personal growth and strategic thinking .

Kenneth’s obsessed with telling stories that part people with their money. He expresses that in helping corporates like McDonald’s, Fujitsu and Zurich Insurance with cultural transformation and the multiple companies he owns and consults.

Recently, he has used those skills to create two Clickbank Platinum Winners in a matter of months… Including the current no.1 in its category. Plus, he has also leveraged that unique ability into becoming a mentor and advisor to Silicon Valley startups, including 500 Startups — one of the most renowned incubators in the world.

Along the way, he won the World Marketing Congress Top 50 Global Digital Marketing Leaders, the World Brand Congress Most Influential Digital Media Leader, Cannes Lion, London International, D&AD and numerous other international accolades.


CEO of Viral Editz

Ryan Magin is a leading social media growth and content expert. This past year, his TikTok agency, Viral Editz, took the world by storm as their video structure and unique subtitles became a staple on the platform. In the past few months alone, Ryan & His team have grown 20 accounts to 100k+ followers and five accounts to one million-plus across 12 different niches. He did this while working with superstars like Alex Hormozi, Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, Grant Cardone, Ryan Pineda & Many others. But more importantly, he’s achieved these results with clients who had absolutely no social media presence. Now, he’s holding nothing back as he reveals exactly how you can do it yourself.

jonathan maxim


Jonathan Maxim is a tech founder, performance agency owner and host of the “Zen Business Podcast”. His history is as a Marketing Strategist at Xfinity, VP of eCommerce at Universal Music Group, and user growth at TikTok – known for gaining it 18,500 new users overnight. Currently, he serves as CEO at K&J Growth Hackers – a boutique marketing firm serving clients like Monster Energy, Five9 & Triller. He also writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Danette May

CCO & Co-Founder of Mindful Health, LLC

Driven by a powerful calling to serve Mother Earth and humanity, Danette May has inspired & transformed millions of people around the world to step into their unlimited potential and their divine gifts. Danette May is the co-founder of Mindful Health and Earth Echo Foods, impacting people world wide through fitness, nutrition, coaching courses and superfoods. With over 500 Million views on her videos, Mindful Health LLC was recognized as the No.48 fastest growing company in the Inc. 5000. She is a sought-after VIP coach for celebrities and impact-driven leaders, a world renowned speaker and a best selling author of seven books, including The Rise & Embrace Abundance. Danette has been featured on Access Hollywood, CBS, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and WeRiseUp, the documentary featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, and others.

Alex Moscow

Founder of
Abundance Amplifier

Over the past 11 years, Alex J Moscow has cemented his place in the business coaching industry as one of the most trustworthy, congruent, and courageous business mentors by helping his clients grow highly profitable businesses that fuel their mission and lifestyle. He has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine and has shared the stage with industry leaders like Suzanne Evans, Jeff Walker, David Bayer, and many others.

Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry, Alex is incredibly passionate about creating transformational experiences that combine powerful breakthrough technology, breathwork, visualization, and music to help leaders become the most congruent version of themselves.

The people who have worked with him report they became more confident in raising their prices, producing sold-out events, enjoying what they do a lot more, improving their client results, and having a lot more fun in life.



A modern-day “renaissance man”, well, maybe. An Inc 500 financial firm founder and amateur barista. A rookie fly fisherman and author of multiple Wall Street Journal #1 Bestsellers. A public speaker who’s delivered hundreds of keynotes, and yet a mediocre guitar player at home. A bow hunter, Traeger grill semi-pro (more semi than pro), former crossfitter (emphasis on the former) and a whisky sommelier, which is real, and just as douchy as it sounds.

But maybe the best way to know Garrett is from a few notes from his wife:

  • A man who can only drink tequila under supervision.
  • A man who will stop at nothing to provide his wife food if she gets HANGRY – self-preservation really.
  • A dad who was totally cool with letting his sons go anywhere with him, in any costume they may have on! (Yeah, a client offered Garrett’s kids $100 to knock on every door in the neighbourhood with the three of us sporting Spider-man costumes saying “the neighbourhood is safe”. Garrett’s costume was too small, and more Moose Knuckle Man than Spider-man, but hey, that $100 spent the same.)
  • A man who can’t fix a toilet, but can help you become financially independent so you can hire someone else to do it for you.
  • A brother who bailed his sister out of jail, while almost going to jail himself in the process.
  • A father who loves and adores his sons for exactly who they are.
  • A son that loves his parents with all his heart.
  • A man loyal to his family and friends, but most of all his values.

amanda dobson


Speaker, Podcast Guest, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Conversion Rate Optimization Expert.

Amanda Dobson is the real deal in a world of the blind leading the blind with her stunning track record of success.

Through hard work and determination, Amanda was able to build a successful career which has helped her go from zero to the top of her industry. She is an unstoppable force and won’t let anyone get in the way of her success.

Known to her peers as “The King Maker”, Amanda has been the force behind many of the most recognizable names in Digital Marketing.



Miki is a social entrepreneur, advisor and investor who uses creativity and disruptive innovation to challenge the status quo and change culture. She is the founder of several acclaimed social enterprises: WILD, Thinx, and TUSHY (collectively valued at over 200 million). She is also the author of the #1 best-selling books Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt-Her. Miki was named “Fast Company’s Most Creative People”, “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and INC magazine’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.”

Miki sits on the board of Conscious Capitalism and advises several start-ups. She passionately speaks about her near two decades of entrepreneurial adventures, from inventing products in taboo categories, to creatively launching them, to marketing and scaling them exponentially, to dealing with shocking setbacks – and she shares her colorful, authentic revelations along the way.

Joe Polish

Founder of Genius Network

Joe has an Entrepreneurial Focus on Value Creation, Connection, and Contribution. His marketing expertise has been utilized to build thousands of businesses and has generated hundreds of millions for his clients, ranging from large corporations to small family-owned businesses.

Joe Polish is the Founder and President of Piranha Marketing Inc. He is also the creator of the Genius Network® Interview Series, founder of Genius Network® (also known as the 25K Group), and Co-Founder of, and, two highly popular free podcasts on iTunes.

Eddie Maalouf

Founder & CEO of 4Media Marketing

Eddie Maalouf is the Founder & CEO of 4Media Marketing, one of the fastest-growing full-service E-commerce marketing agencies in the USA with over $600,000,000 per year in managed revenue.

With over 200 full time hires in his company in the last 2 years, he has been able to put together some of the best minds in marketing under one brand.

Having worked with Over 100 8-Figure Brands, Eddie has been able to create strategies in the digital space that have excelled brands to new peaks in profit. He manages this while helping coach young agency owners to find the same success that he has with 4Media.

Eddie currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and business partner, Terry & their beautiful daughter, Milana.

Los Silva

Entrepreneur and
Sales Expert

Los is the cofounder and investor behind PowerHouse Ventures, DealFlow Brokerage, Freedom Ventures and that combined do over 50 million annually.  Los and his team have spent over 100 Million on paid advertising. In addition Los has spent time advising and investing into Direct To Consumer brands along with personal brands. He also serves confidently within his community – helping others to grow and sell their businesses!



To some, Jacques Spitzer is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside of some of the greatest performing ads of all time.

To those he works with, Jacques is a passionate leader, connector, and storyteller with an innate ability to build brands and create marketing that people love.

His 2x Emmy® award-winning, eight-figure agency (Raindrop) has generated over a billion views and $750M in campaign sales for brands, like Dr. Squatch, Manscaped, Lume, Ruggable, William Painter, Worx, Omigo, and Crossrope. Raindrop was also behind the top performing YouTube ad of 2020 and the Dr. Squatch Super Bowl commercial.

His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, AdAge and Entrepreneur Magazine and he was recently named one of the “most influential people in San Diego,” according to the San Diego Business Journal, who added, “Raindrop’s success has put San Diego on the map for agencies nationwide.”

In addition to his work in advertising, Spitzer helped produce a full-length documentary, “Wampler’s Ascent” that won over 38 international film festival awards.