A Special Invite Just For You…

We’ve spent the last year laying the foundation for Four Rooms… building the team, launching a membership, serving our members, and learning and growing together. 

Now, we are ready to build the next level, and serve more entrepreneurs. BUT...

Only if they are the right people.

After all, the people are the alchemy in this community.

As someone we deeply appreciate and have a great time with, we have a special opportunity for you.

We’d like you to join our Host Committee!

What is the Host Committee?

The Host Committee is reserved for 10 members of our community who want to send 5 or more people to our Big Annual Event. They will have a larger say in the Austin event experience, influence our activities and help us mold the next iteration of the Four Rooms Mastermind experience.

Host Committee Members will enjoy special perks like being recognized on stage where you will gain valuable face time with every attendee and position yourself as the leader and connector you are.

Host Committee Members also will receive comped hotel rooms at the resort and upgrades where available, be able to add a plus one at no additional charge (perfect for a business partner, top affiliate, etc.). PLUS they will get first choice of who they sit by at the event, have the ability to influence the costume party theme and associated elements, provide input on the hang out day activities, and more!

If you bring 10 or more paying attendees, we will comp your membership for next year!

When you let us know you’re interested in the host committee we will prepare a custom discount code so you can save your amazing friends $1,500 cash while also earning a small commission to help cover your own travel expenses or costume purchase 😉

So, do you think you know someone that could benefit from our Big Annual Event in Austin December 5-8?

Here’s How to Qualify For Host Committee

LET US KNOW you’d like a host committee code.

INTRODUCE US TO YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES that are a great fit for the Four Rooms Mastermind Big Annual Event in Austin and we will get them all the information or have attendees book their ticket using the link and code we send you. 

HAVE JUST 5 ATTENDEES JOIN THE EVENT using your code to secure your host committee spot.

What happens next?

Once 5 ticket sales with your code have been redeemed we’ll add you to one of the coveted spots on the host committee. But don’t dilly dally because, once the 10 spots are claimed, the doors will close on this year’s Host Committee opportunity. 

If you help us add 10 attendees (using your code at checkout) for the Annual Event in Austin then not only will you secure a spot on the Host Committee, but your membership for 2024 will be 100% comped (that’s over a $35,000 value and one hell of a deal!)


We will credit the community member who first introduced us to the attendee, or if no introduction was made and you closed the sale on your own – then the code used will determine who will be credited for the sale. Attendees who have already purchased tickets or been introduced to us by other members will not count towards your sales counts and our team is happy to let you know if someone has already made an introduction.

That said, if we’re already talking to someone and they didn’t come as a referral from anyone else and you can help them decide to attend (assuming it’s a great fit) then we will happily add that commission and credit to your tally.

If you’ve introduced us to the attendee prior to their booking, we will happily credit you for the sale and even refund the purchaser any discount they are owed. However, you do need to contact us with their name, as we can’t inquire every host committee potential member about the sales that come through.

Hey we appreciate your effort always and assistance in keeping this an incredible community to be a part of. We will give you $1,000.00 USD in cash or we will apply credit towards your ticket (per ticket sale). Plus anyone who has used your code will retain their discount – keeping you the hero in their eyes.

Our host committee will have brief meetings each week leading up to the event hosted by our Event Manager and Chief of Staff so that your vision can be executed by our team. We will do our best to find a meeting time that works for the committee and/or rotate the days and time slots to ensure we get the most input as possible from the committee.

We’re not here to make you do anything you don’t want to do. But we do believe in giving credit where credit is due and feel it’s an important opportunity to recognize the people who pour into this community in front of the group. You’ll have a chance to let people know who you are, who your company is, and what you’re looking to gain from the event – supercharging your ROI on the time spent with the group in Austin.

No worries! We believe that success comes in many forms and no need to be a master at sales. We’re here to assist in making meaningful connections for members and attendees, not hard sales pitches. If you know someone who would be a fantastic addition to our community, simply make an introduction. We’ll take care of the rest, explaining the immense value of Four Rooms and showcasing upcoming events to see if they align with their goals.

Yes, if you can invite 10 paying attendees to the Austin event with you, absolutely. Founding Four Rooms has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. This group with the 50 Founding members, I’m just so grateful for every single one of them who has said yes to these events and to this community. It’s truly one of the biggest blessings of my life to have a family like this that we’ve built together.

I want to continue to grow this family and I want to keep bringing amazing people in. But it’s not like you can just run ads or blindly invite people into the community and maintain the chemistry we’ve created. It takes awesome people inviting the amazingly awesome people they know, like, and trust into the fold to grow this community in a meaningful way. We’re not trying to grow for the sake of growth, that’s not what this community is about. But growing in a way that fosters deeper connections, community and support for members, and accelerated business scaling for members… that’s something worth growing for and I’ve invited you to see this page because I would love more people like you to be involved.

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