Discover why our members and attendees are raving about our exceptionally unique events and experiences. This isn’t just any mastermind, it’s an elite community of like-minded individuals experiencing the benefits of leveling up in life and business, together. Don’t just take our word for it – explore the testimonials below.

Michael Bresler
Michael Bresler14 West
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I would have gotten my ROI just on the first session and everything else is just bonus...What really made me feel at home is the idea that people here are not in it for themselves. They're in it to help other people. I do believe that in order to be successful, you have to help others succeed first and that's what everyone here does.
Shaun Bull
Shaun BullAmerican Alternative Assets
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This is actually exactly what I was looking for. There’s so many like minded people, I’d already learned some things but hearing from someone who has had so much success was an affirmation for me. It’s really important, obviously, to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you are. I’ve made great connections. If you’re looking for your tribe, you should at least consider this mastermind.
Diana Vasquez
Diana VasquezDV Equities
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I learned so much about how you can implement all these techniques into any business online and grow exponentially. I was giving actual action items, how to follow up and how to implement them in the business. I would highly recommend Four Rooms Mastermind to anyone looking to grow their online business. Besides all the amazing information, the group of people that you are going to meet here are very high caliber and have such great energy and spirit. You're going to make friends.
Dr. Alan Christianson
Dr. Alan Christianson---
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I value my time and I guard it so closely, there’s very few things that I do go to anymore and get out of the home for, but this was so worthwhile. I can’t even imagine when the last time was that I’ve had this many big changes that I’m planning on acting on, because of some things I’ve learned. Lots of great insights and hugely valuable experience.
Jessica MacNaughton
Jessica MacNaughtonShop C60
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I come to Four Rooms to meet amazing people who are like minded. And who are interested in helping one another achieve their goals and dreams and improve everything that they’re working on from personal to professional development.
Stefan Benika
Stefan BenikaC4 Media
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When you surround yourself with people that you can absorb their knowledge and their expertise you become better so much faster than if you were to do this on your own. All the mutually beneficial connections are so easy to create because we’re all here for the same purpose, to grow our businesses to help each other.
Amish Shah
Amish ShahThe Natural Law
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What brought me here is the focus on health and wealth. That combination is really important to me. Four Rooms Mastermind is a good place to meet amazing people, network, and you never know what’s going to come out of it – I think that’s the best part.
Blake H
Blake H---
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Amber and her team put on a great event. Some of the best people in the industry get together in the same place and get to share some of the best ideas and really work to improve your business.
Spencer Burnett
Spencer BurnettBrainJam Productions
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Four Rooms Mastermind was awesome in terms of information that was shared and to see everyone so freely sharing. It just allows us all to level up when you get to connect with the right people, the right teams, the right organizations, the right missions. Come to the Four Rooms Mastermind because of the people. There's so much access to wisdom here that you can pull from in order to improve your business.
Justin Francisco
Justin FranciscoUpsender
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The more hands you shake, the more opportunities you can make. And the people here at Four Rooms are some quality hands that you’re going to be shaking. Everybody is really about learning from each other and helping each other so walking away with that is a huge advantage to joining Four Rooms Mastermind.

This is not your typical conference setting, but a meticulously curated experience designed uniquely for individuals like you. We dive deep with our intake forms to understand your needs fully, making your experience as personal as possible. Our focus? Laser-sharp. Our content? Handpicked. Our attendees? Carefully selected, just like you.

We cultivate an intimate setting where you’re right in the heart of the action. We even hand-pick where everyone sits and take time for key introductions. It’s this attention to detail that makes our events so popular.

You’re seeing this page because someone believes you’d be a brilliant addition to our extraordinary community. This is more than just an opportunity, it’s your golden ticket to unparalleled knowledge, connections, and growth in all areas of your life. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

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Ash N
Ash N---
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They have handpicked the right individuals, they’ve handpicked the right one-on-ones to group the individuals and now that we've had a chance to really interact, some of these people are going to be, lifelong clients, or friends, or both, that's what really, I think sets this apart. The level of thought that has gone into pairing people and pairing minds together. It's been a huge, valuable time investment. It's an amazing group of individuals; guys that are at the top of their game, but they're always trying to sharpen their axes, they're always trying to improve and everyone is bringing their own personal experiences too.
Brian K
Brian K---
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I've been to other masterminds, I've been to events, I've been all kinds of stuff, most of it is very high up. And most of it is like rah rah rah. And then you go home and you're still not in any different situation than you were. Well, here, like I said, you get one on one time, it's very results driven, and results focused. So you can actually leave here, and then go do. So that's what's so great about it.
Caleb Jennings
Caleb Jennings---
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This is a pairing of brilliant minds with good hearts, and people that know how to have a lot of fun. They know a lot of great people, they know a lot of great strategies, the people that are in this room right now, the people you're gonna see at the next events... it's one of the best investments you could possibly make of time, energy resources and yourself and your business and your team. If you're doubting you don't really know what's going on over here, just take a leap and give it a shot because you're not going to be disappointed. They don't know how to disappoint at all. It's not in their DNA. So just trust them. Trust everyone else that trusts them as well, and just go for it.
Katie Wells
Katie WellsWellnessMama.com
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It's hard as an entrepreneur to find time to really recharge yourself. And it's really hard when you also have a family. The things that we are willing to take time away from our family for, not many things meet that criteria. So for us, the reason this does meet that criteria, is that I knew that the quality of the people was going to be really high. I think you can teach mean people really good skills, but you can't teach kindness, and you can't teach authenticity, and you can't teach love. But that's what is given here. So there's safety and beauty and people supporting each other. You don't feel a competitiveness or a cattiness at all, which is tremendous. But then also, I knew the quality was going to be incredible, and that there would be action steps, it wouldn't just be theory and woo, it would be really things we could take and immediately implement. I think that can be a trap with so many events all the time, you can get stuck in that circle of just going to events and never actually implementing. So Amber really provides the perfect balance of advice, but also the implementation and the one-on-ones that you really need.
Chad Tackett
Chad TackettCommitted 100
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I have had an opportunity to give my experiences, my expertise, my advice to others and I've found the more doors open for me. So that would be the number one tip, but it's also what really separates this event from others, you have that opportunity to really share your wisdom with others. And the more you give to other people, the more that comes back to you. So it's just been so valuable that events, like I said, you have someone on the stage talking giving tips or whatever, but you're actually given the platform to share other advice with others. And every time you give a good tip or a suggestion or sharing experience, you get it back ten fold.
Kevin D
Kevin D---
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I've spent the last maybe 10 to 12 years putting myself around some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs, executives, marketers in the world, I think it's really important, because business is ever changing. I've been in a number of different businesses and what I know to be true is that business is always changing. So I know I have to put myself into rooms where I can learn more, where I can be around the right people to partner with so I can find the right resources to make sure that I'm changing with the business. What I like even more is that here I'm around the people who are actually changing the game, the people that are industry transformers, people that are defining the future.
Anthony Whitehurst
Anthony WhitehurstImpact Driven Marketing
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Sometimes as an entrepreneur and a marketer, you just get head down in the weeds, focusing on your business and don’t have time for any kind of social interaction besides your team, clients, and vendors. It’s great to go to a place where not only are you hearing from some of the experts at the cutting edge of who’s doing what in the industry when it comes to traffic, social, or whatever you want to look at. But you’re in an environment that has been created and brings people who are just passionate about what they do. They're awesome people in life too, so when you get here, it's hard to describe, but it really feels like my extended family. And so when you kind of get away from the grind of trying to hit these goals and you come to a place where you can learn a ton, but also just relax, have real deep connections, real deep conversations, get to know people and make contacts that turns into lifelong friendships. That's where it's at, right there.

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