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The Exclusive, Meticulously Tailored Mastermind Where Entrepreneurs Level Up Together Through Curated Connections

The Four Rooms is an dynamic, exclusive membership for self-made 7-9 figure entrepreneurs who want to scale to new heights…

Both in their business and outside of the bank.

With year-round support from experts you choose, carefully orchestrated events, and a concierge team at your disposal, this mastermind is curated to give our members exactly what they need to expand on health, wealth, relationships, and scale. 

If you want to build a legacy and scale your business among people who genuinely care about your success – Four Rooms is the place for you.

Zero Fluff–Only Tangible ROI

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions when networking for your business?

Attending all the conferences…

Meeting all the “gurus”…

Trying all their hacks to build the perfect funnel…

Yet you never feel that sense of true fulfillment.

No matter how big your company gets, no matter how many employees you hire, no matter how many wins—something is still missing.

How do we know?

Because most highly accomplished entrepreneurs are starved for real connection, tailored guidance, and experiences that enrich the soul…

Especially those who’ve put their head down in order to grow their businesses.

That’s why Four Rooms isn’t just another mastermind…

It's a fellowship

Imagine being surrounded by 150 of the sharpest, most ambitious, high-character entrepreneurs on Earth.

People who’ve built 7, 8, and 9-figure empires yet never sacrificed their health, relationships, or principles.

Real humans who uplift each other, celebrate every win—big or small—and support one another through life’s inevitable challenges.

Four Rooms members are family in the truest sense.

It’s a sacred community where you can remove the mask and be vulnerable. Share your deepest fears without judgment. And lean on others when you need it most.

This is the place to develop meaningful, lifelong bonds that extend far beyond business

But that holds the key to getting to that elusive next level.


Get Access to the World’s Best Connected Network

A network to inspire, challenge, and elevate you so you can grow–and not just financially.

Through unparalleled backchannel introductions and curated connections, we give you access to power players you’d never reach otherwise.

Potential clients and collaborators…

Influential mentors who have achieved your goals and will share the shortcuts you’re looking for…

Investment partners at exactly the right time…

And the best part?

We curate our events so you get 1:1 time with the experts you need, instead of listening to them speak from the stage.

The collective knowledge within Four Rooms is a priceless accelerator for your business and personal growth.

It’s rare wisdom you won’t find anywhere else, available to you by a community of experts focused on giving back.

Between our annual immersive retreats, attended by some of the world’s best marketers and highest level entrepreneurs…

Ours, breakthrough-oriented intimate workshops strategically planned to move the needle in your business…

And our, community-building, rejuvenating adventures to nurture our health as a collective…

Four Rooms delivers transformation through unforgettable shared experiences.

Our trainings tackle your most pressing business challenges head-on.

But not just the content that’s curated based on your needs and interests—it’s every aspect of the event.

From who you see on stage…

To who you talk to 1:1…

Even down to the person you’re sitting next to at the event.

Every aspect is personalized so you’re able to get the absolute most out of every experience you have.

Our goal isn’t just to give you proven strategies to immediately apply in your company (which you will get)…

It’s to help you find your tribe.

It’s Not Just Business–It’s Everything

Just Listen To What Founding Members Have To Say About Their Time In The Four Rooms Mastermind

Shaun Bull
Shaun BullAmerican Alternative Assets
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This is actually exactly what I was looking for. There’s so many like minded people, I’d already learned some things but hearing from someone who has had so much success was an affirmation for me. It’s really important, obviously, to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you are. I’ve made great connections. If you’re looking for your tribe, you should at least consider this mastermind.
Jessica MacNaughton
Jessica MacNaughtonShop C60
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I come to Four Rooms to meet amazing people who are like minded. And who are interested in helping one another achieve their goals and dreams and improve everything that they’re working on from personal to professional development.
Christine Carlson
Christine Carlson
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The caliber of the people that you're in the room with the energy that you're in the room with, just the way that Four Rooms curates everything. After the first speaker alone today...I was like, okay, I'm done, my cup is full. Just standing on the knowledge that you already have with people who have accomplished more than you have, the wealth of information, and the relationships that you make. That's what makes Four Rooms amazing.
David Ondrick
David Ondrick
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As busy entrepreneurs, we're always going, going, going, this has been a real eye opener for me, because there's a lot of components that are preventing me from being better at what I do. On the health side, really understanding the triggers for burnout and things like that has really been a big help to understand how to get the balance back, so that you can do more for your business, provide more value for your customers, but it's really very intimate here. This is actually making real connections.
Brett Kauffman
Brett Kauffman
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Four Rooms does a fantastic job of first off asking you exactly what you need. There are multiple experts in this room, I can grab lunch with their one on one and say, Hey, show me specifically on that. And then I'm able to share them my expertise that we have, and we're able to help each other out with no pitching. No like, "Hey, what are you going to do for me because I did this for you" because everyone's just here to win together. You can get that help on that specific needle mover that you need to scale.

Small Masterminds Produce Big Results

Most groups overload you with noise and distraction—we remove it completely.

No clunky online forums or endless back and forth emails. 

Only focused, personalized support that gives you exactly what you need to thrive.

Within The Four Rooms, you’re part of an elite class of trailblazers challenging each other to aim higher and make a greater impact.

This fellowship will enrich every aspect of your life, not just your business. (Although it will grow simply being in the room with people who will lift you up.)

The bonds forged here will last far beyond the cookie cutter masterminds that only aim to give information.

Are You Ready To
Join The Inner Circle?

Admission is highly selective, but those with the right spirit and ambition tend to find us.

  • If you’ve tried other exclusive masterminds and found them wanting…
  • If you crave deep, meaningful connections versus surface-level acquaintances…
  • If you’re searching for mentors who can provide tailored guidance, not just platitudes…

Then Four Rooms may be your tribe. This will be unlike any other business group you’ve experienced.

New Level, New Devil

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur. Someone who’s already achieved more than most. Yet if you’re going to reach new heights, you need people who genuinely care about your success—whether they’re a profiting partner or not. 

You’ve been a part of other masterminds in the past—maybe even paid five figures to join one. Yet something was always missing.

You walked away wondering, "What did I get out of that?"

Four Rooms is on another level entirely. Here's why:


You Choose The Experts And Mentors

Our content isn’t repurposed from last year’s speaker list. It’s tailored specifically to you and fellow members’ needs.

Before each event, we poll the group to determine your biggest challenges and learning objectives. Then we find world-class experts who can address those exact issues.

There’s no recycled fluff from flavor-of-the-month gurus. Only targeted training that solves your problems.


The Network Is
Next Level

Yes, every mastermind promises you’ll meet amazing people.

But our members are vetted for talent, success, AND character. Self-made 7-9 figure entrepreneurs committed to service and generosity.

Imagine masterminding in a room full of Elon Musks. THAT is the caliber of human we attract. Kind, ambitious, creative giants.


It’s Structured For Serious Business Builders

We don’t waste time with convoluted online forums, unnecessary meetings, or throwaway speakers just for the sake of having someone talk. 

The entire experience from event to weekly training with an expert is streamlined to give you only what you need to take your business to the next level.

Carefully orchestrated events… curated small group sessions… tailored 1:1 coaching… and a personal concierge facilitating connections behind the scenes.


The Focus Extends Beyond Business

We push each other to grow, but not just financially.

Four Rooms provides the space to think bigger…about your legacy, values, and why you do this work in the first place.

And we celebrate the victories that matter most —your health, family, and personal evolution. The people at the top, at least those who are genuinely satisfied with their lives, are more than just their net worth. 

They constantly grow outside of the bank. They aim to be more than just a business owner. They’re able to invest in themselves beyond “what they do”, they aim to form “who they are.” 

The truth is, most of us don’t have a place to do that. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a space to expand their minds and values while they expand their business. 

(And they certainly don’t put aside the time to rest and relax.)

But within The Four Rooms, we keep all of that in mind. We structure the entire experience to be able to hold space for work, growth, and play.


Our Unwritten Rule: Give and You Shall Receive

With a Four Rooms membership, you’re getting more than just a seat at the most meticulously catered mastermind events of the year, you’re getting access to a community of entrepreneurs who go above and beyond for each other.

This group of business owners come together to give back and instill knowledge onto their peers even if it doesn’t directly benefit their bottom line in that moment. 

Why? Because in a community focused around giving first, the ROI is almost always guaranteed.

Each entrepreneur who’s joined The Four Rooms Mastermind has given back to us all. 

And like clockwork, connections are made, deals are struck, and everyone wins, together.

So not only do you get access to leading industry experts who have the power to completely change your business…

They become your trusted advisors.

This is what you’ll also get when you join The Four Rooms:


Four Room (for individuals and companies)


A Coveted Ticket to Our Big Annual Event (Industry-Known For Producing Massive ROI) + Two Yearly Members-Only Breakthrough Events…

All Of Which Include:

  • 1:1 Time With World Class Entrepreneurs in your niche that can help you solve your biggest challenges.
  • Special Breakout Rooms with leading marketing and biz op experts to gain actionable insights you can implement right away.
  • Hands-On Panels With Hot Seats where you’ll get your business reviewed by CRO, AI, and other experts.
  • State-Of-The-Art Knowledge Delivered by high caliber speakers we personally know and trust.
  • Backchannel Introductions to key players in your industry that you wouldn’t get access to anywhere else.
  • All Inclusive Stay at a Paradise Resort.

Worth $20,000


Quarterly Skill Seminars Call

Every Q, we’ll rally all our members to discuss what is the single most important thing everyone needs to remain at the cutting edge of business growth.

Then, our founder will personally handpick and call the most relevant experts in each field.

We’ve had people like Troy Ericson sharing how to stop your email domains from getting blocked by Gmail, Aleric Heck sharing his most recent AI + YouTube Ad strategies, etc.

Whatever you need, you’re getting!

Private Member Network

As a member of Four Rooms, you get instant access to the world’s best-connected network.

This is your private channel to celebate wins and get support through your struggles from your tight-knit community.

Everyone has been personally vetted and invited in by Amber Spears, our founder and industry-renowned catalyst of incredibly productive connections that propel businesses forward.

Your Own Concierge

This exclusive membership comes with a year-long concierge service, where you get personalized attention to overcome your biggest challenges as they come.

Keeping track of your goals and progress, your concierge will facilitate access to the experts you need and conversations with other high-level entrepreneurs that can help you move the needle in your business.

They will also handle all event planning so all you need to do is show up and have fun.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Get exclusive access to our selected team of coaches and mentors who are experts in helping entrepreneurs grow their business without any hiccups or headaches.

These monthly calls, aligned with our quarterly sprints in the areas of CRO/Customer Journey, Leadership, Profitable Partnerships, and Lifestyle Design are intended to help support your growth, break through barriers and provide supportive accountability that protects your investment.

Membership Vault

Access over 50 trainings, members calls, strategies, tools, and other resources in our members-only vault.

Worth over $500,000

Health Lab Review

Get connected to expert concierge doctor team help and a comprehensive lab review to dive deep into your health and help you optimize your life for better business.

The answers you’re looking for are in the Four Rooms community.

A community hand-curated by trusted marketing experts, that attracts the highest-caliber business owners who enjoy giving back as much as their own takeaways.

We’re a family of entrepreneurs, challenging each other to grow beyond our goals and bringing our collective vision to life.

Our Events


And the best part of it all? Because we’re constantly in conversation with our members, every year there’s a few secret experiences we reveal throughout the year.



Get a glimpse of the exciting experiences that we have to offer. We are committed to create engaging and memorable events, and we hope they will inspire you to join us for our next upcoming event