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Overcome Your Biggest Business & Marketing Headaches In Just 36 Hours

At the Four Rooms Breakthrough Event in San Diego, Mastermind members and top-tier experts like Amanda Dobson and John Romaniello come together to help each other create powerful solutions for your most difficult business challenges… 

While teaching you the biggest marketing strategies and tactics that are working right NOW to propel your business to the next level.

San Diego, CA



Tired of staring at a blank page struggling to find the right marketing angles, strategies, or messaging to propel your business to the next level? 

Or maybe you STILL haven’t found the right workable solution for a long-entrenched business issue that’s holding you back?

Most likely, it’s due to one of just several reasons.


Either you simply haven’t had the time to perform a “deep dive” on the most pressing issues…

Or you’ve had to go it alone to solve them, unable to make use of the right experts to help you find new alternatives that can quickly resolve any issue.

And that’s why this Four Rooms Breakthrough Mastermind event is so very special.

Simply put, it’s the ONLY Mastermind event where you can “get your hands dirty” to do the actual work of helping you solve your biggest problems faster, by working directly alongside the very best entrepreneurs and experts there is.

You’ll spend your time in breakout sessions dedicated to perfecting your strategic execution in a small group setting.  Whether it’s creating killer copy, effective messaging, headlines or ads, or outlining new strategies that will propel your business forward in 2023…

You’ll build solid new relationships, find new long-term partners, and hold each other accountable for crushing your goals for the rest of 2023.


Take A Look At Some of The Incredible Experts You'll Be Working With to Supercharge Your Business

Mike Koenigs — AI Implementation Expert

Mike Koenigs is a serial entrepreneur with five successful exits, a 17x bestselling author, and a captivating speaker. He’s the secret weapon of founders looking to create and launch a new business after an exit, build a magnetic personal brand that multiplies the value of everything they do – all in just one week.

Mike is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create high net, low overhead, high impact, and lifestyle-compatible businesses that allow them to fully unleash their unique superpowers. His expertise and success have led him to work with major brands and high-profile clients, including Sony, BMW, 20th Century Fox, Best Buy and 3M.

As a pioneer in teaching Generative AI for Executives, Mike has taken the stage at prestigious events such as Tony Robbins’ gatherings and Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 conferences, EO, YPO, Strategic Coach, Genius Network and Dave Asprey’s Biohacking events, inspiring and educating audiences with his innovative Ai insights and systems.

Amanda Dobson — Conversion Rate Optimization & SMS Marketing Expert

Speaker, Podcast Guest, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Conversion Rate Optimization Expert.

Amanda Dobson is the real deal in a world of the blind leading the blind with her stunning track record of success.

Through hard work and determination, Amanda was able to build a successful career which has helped her go from zero to the top of her industry. She is an unstoppable force and won’t let anyone get in the way of her success.

Known to her peers as “The King Maker”, Amanda has been the force behind many of the most recognizable names in Digital Marketing.

Tom Lambotte — AI Implementation Expert

Tom Lambotte is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startups under his belt, each contributing uniquely to the tech industry. With over 15 years of experience, Tom has transitioned from hands-on founder roles to becoming an influential educator and visionary in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has taught AI to industry leaders like Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, and several billionaires, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after expert.

His current focus is on the Ai Accelerator, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption and understanding of AI technologies. Through this venture, Tom is a pivotal figure in shaping the future of technology.

In the past, Tom founded GlobalMac IT, which excelled in providing outsourced IT services to Apple-based law firms. He has since transitioned to a Founder role to focus on broader technological advancements. Another venture, BobaGuard, offered premier cybersecurity solutions to law firms and has also seen Tom move to a Founder role.

Tom’s unique ability to spot market opportunities, coupled with his creative mindset and determination, has earned him recognition as a visionary leader. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been featured in numerous publications.

Tom resides in Chardon, OH, with his wife, four children, and two French Bulldogs. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, photography, and reading. He loves being in the water, although Ohio’s climate and his young children make it a challenging endeavor. Comfortable in shorts and flip-flops, Tom embodies the relaxed yet focused demeanor of a true innovator.

Los Silva — E-Commerce Brand Growth Expert

Los is the cofounder and investor behind PowerHouse Ventures, DealFlow Brokerage, Freedom Ventures and AffiliateMarketing.com that combined do over 50 million annually.  Los and his team have spent over 100 Million on paid advertising. In addition Los has spent time advising and investing into Direct To Consumer brands along with personal brands. He also serves confidently within his community – helping others to grow and sell their businesses!

Tyler Ryan — Data-Driven Growth and Customer Journey Expert

Tyler Ryan is a former NASA software engineer with a deep background in data science. He got his start building applications for spacecraft engineers working on the Mars rovers, and has since developed a passion for helping businesses know their numbers and make better decisions.

He is known as the creator of LTV Numbers, which helps businesses doing $1-10M+/year in sales to understand their customer lifetime value and make confident data-driven decisions to scale effectively and profitably. Through this work, he has personally analyzed over $550M in sales data across a variety of industries and business models.

Jonathan Maxim — Media Buying Expert

Jonathan Maxim is a tech founder, performance agency owner and host of the “Zen Business Podcast”. His history is as a Marketing Strategist at Xfinity, VP of eCommerce at Universal Music Group, and user growth at TikTok – known for gaining it 18,500 new users overnight. Currently, he serves as CEO at K&J Growth Hackers – a boutique marketing firm serving clients like Monster Energy, Five9 & Triller. He also writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur.


Amber Spears — Affiliate Marketing Expert

Amber Spears is a renowned industry leader and the co-founder of East 5th Avenue, a trusted solution provider for direct response and ecommerce marketers seeking to scale their revenue with affiliates and influencers. With over 650 rockstar affiliate managers hired and trained, Amber has helped her clients make over $500 million in front end affiliate revenue.

As a two-time award-winning marketer, she has been recognized as a “TOP MARKETER” by Digital Marketer and dubbed the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing” by Perry Belcher. Amber has also been featured on several top podcasts such as 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Strategic Profits, Foundr, Hustle and Flowchart, and a keynote speaker at major events like Traffic and Conversion, Affiliate Summit East and West, and Mindshare Collaborative.

In addition to being an expert in scaling businesses with affiliates and influencers, Amber is the creator of Four Rooms Mastermind. A unique Mastermind designed for entrepreneurs and brands who are looking to scale beyond 7-9 figures through a focus on relationships, scale, wealth, and health. Amber’s expertise and experience have made her a respected figure in the industry and a trusted advisor for individuals seeking to take their businesses to new heights.

Aria Boushehri — Sales Expert

Aria is the visionary leader at the helm of one of the fastest growing outbound sales centers in the country, responsible for millions of dollars in sales generated for clients.

He is an experienced back-end sales innovator, entrepreneur, speaker, and phone sales team builder. Aria is who many of the top vendors at networks like Clickbank and Digistore use to supercharge their AOV and LTV on their supplement backend sales.

Aria started his career in sales 10 years ago realizing the uncapped potential a phone call can produce. He was able to help the #1 Fitness Youtube channel (5+ Million Subscribers) SixPackShortcuts generate $1.7 Million in monthly phone sales revenue. He then went on to become the Sales Director for Webforce and created the call center/phone sales team there. Generating over $1 Million in monthly phone sales revenue. He now continues to help multiple businesses drastically scale by leveraging phone sales with his own company SalesBound.

The ShipOffers Team — White Labeling and Drop Shipping Experts

ShipOffers, a globally recognized logistics and distribution company that has garnered a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses across a multitude of industries since its inception in 2001. ShipOffers boasts an innovative approach that encompasses a wide spectrum of services, tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. From procuring the right products to streamlining order fulfillment, pick, pack and shipping, managing cash-flow, and offering expert strategic guidance – ShipOffers covers it all.

At the core of ShipOffers’ success is its robust infrastructure. With multiple warehouses strategically positioned across the United States, the company is well-equipped to deliver seamless and personalized solutions that align perfectly with individual requirements. This extensive network not only enables ShipOffers to meet clients’ expectations but also to surpass them on a global scale.

Looking ahead, ShipOffers is embarking on an exciting expansion journey to enhance its service capabilities. The company is in the process of establishing operations in Europe, with plans to expand operations by the first quarter of 2024. This strategic move reflects ShipOffers’ dedication to its clients and underscores its commitment to remaining at the forefront of the logistics and distribution industry.

The IPS Team — Merchant Processing Experts

Chris Gaines, CEO

IPS’ specialist in overseeing compliance, regulations and technical project management. Chris offers his professional guidance on working with regulators and navigating the moving target that is compliance.

Chris’ background is in technical, underwriting/risk and Regulatory Compliance and has experience working with departments such as the FTC, CFPB, Congress and legal teams across the nation on merchant-related issues. Chris assisted in the creation of the Third-Party Payments Processing Association and has sat on the board as a voting member.

Dylan Gaines, President

24 years in sales, marketing and business development. Presidents Club 8 years in a row. Deals with Fortune 500 companies. Dylan has “seen it all” and specializes in E-Comm, Business to Business, Nutra, CBD, MLM, Subscription Companies, you name it. Dylan’s core competency is in consulting companies.

Justin Francisco — Email Monitization Expert

Upsender stands out in the email management landscape with its creativity, communication, legal compliance, and unwavering focus on metrics. Our team’s years of experience and honed skills enable us to maximize your e-mail revenue in the health and wellness niche. Whether you need help with inbox deliverability, crafting captivating copy, or navigating the ever-changing email landscape, Upsender has you covered.


With over a decade of experience in the direct response industry, Ryan Healy is a visionary in the world of copywriting and email marketing. His expertise in crafting persuasive copy for renowned clients and extensive email list management skills have generated substantial revenue for numerous businesses. Justin Francisco’s remarkable track record as an email marketing maestro and his commitment to helping high-producing health and wellness products set him apart as an industry leader. Together, their expertise and dedication form the foundation of Upsender’s unrivaled services.


Under the guidance of our Vice President, Jasmine Perry, Upsender excels in ensuring exceptional email deliverability and revenue optimization. Jasmine’s proficiency in monetization, engagement, and split testing, combined with her attention to detail, prompt responsiveness, and ability to adapt to customer needs, make Upsender feel like an in-house team dedicated to your success.


When you partner with Upsender, you gain more than just a service provider; you gain a devoted ally committed to your email marketing success. Let us transform your large email list into a powerful revenue-generating asset. Experience the professionalism, warmth, and strength of Upsender, and elevate your email marketing efforts to new heights. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

The wellspringMEDIA Team — Copywriting Experts

Founded in 2015 by John Romaniello as a one-man show for writing mentorship, wellspringMEDIA has transformed into the full-stack marketing agency with the collection of experts you see today. While COVID had presented obstacles for some entrepreneurs, it also presented many opportunities to pivot and grow.

Back in March 2020, Brett Kaufman, Yogev Almog, and John started to collaborate on what has now come to be their flagship course, Captivating Copywriting.

Seeing the fruits of their labor turn into one of the most successful and comprehensive programs available on the market, clients began to reach out for help with copywriting and market strategy. One project became two. Two became many. And not long after, the three of them decided to create a partnership that combines all facets of a successful marketing funnel.

The wellspringMEDIA team focuses on filling the gaps of a business and replacing the nearly right word with the right word to boost the bottom line of their clients.

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